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PR-CASCON Modular Eco Homes

PR-Cascon Modular Eco Homes 23/04/2015 ,

Los Angeles, CA./ PR-CASCON Modular Eco Homes announced that ownership of a home for a family of 2 starting at $17,500 is now within reach.  The PR-CME Homes are indestructible, promote renewable clean energy and are LEED Certifiable.  Owners can move with their homes ‘turtle style’  for the next 35 years while saving money and resources. Combine these features with their positive impact on the environment and the well being of the occupants, you may say, “Impossible!”  Read on.  “It is our objective to provide Cascon Sales Representatives a robust, new source of income while solving many of the challenges associated with the high cost of residential living & commercial space. We, are ideally positioned to assist in leveraging a new, indestructible and affordable living/work structure while respecting the surrounding environs with low impact and sustainable construction protocols,” confirms Holmes Stoner- Director of Sales and Marketing, PR-Cascon Modular Eco Homes.

Los Angeles, CA./PR-Cascon Modular Eco Homes and the West Coast Division, AffordableHomes4U.com are now available throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.  Whether the goal is to alleviate a chronic problem of housing shortages, emergency relief, commercial space or to attain the aspirational dream of home ownership, PR-CME Homes and AH4U are now available as an affordable, turnkey solution.

 PR-cascon01 Cascon Modular Eco Homes_Cristiane Roget_Holmes Stoner_VIPictures

PR-Cascon Modular Eco Homes bring for the first time in the Western Hemisphere the possibility of home ownership for less than $17,500.USD all inclusive.  The two bedroom indestructible, dwelling is built to accommodate a family of 4 and is priced for less than $37,500.USD. All Cascon Mod Eco Homes are built to spec using the needs and requirements of perspective owners as a bluepint. As seen in this photo is one permutation of an endless array of possibilities. Imagine ‘giant indestructable Legos‘, says film producer Christian Johnston an early Cascon adapter and future owner.

The announcement was made this week from Cascon’s USA Sales and Marketing headquarters in Marina del Rey, California. Holmes Stoner, founder of the Pacific Rim Business Council and the Pac Rim Chamber of Commerce has been appointed as the exclusive, worldwide Sales and Marketing Director of PR-Cascon Modular Eco Homes until 2018. The announcement was made to coincide with Vector International Picture’s appointment as the Southeast Sales and Marketing subsidiary.

During his tenure as Director of Business Development for UriGlobal (uriglobal.com) in Beverly Hills, California from 2002-2005 Holmes he associated with Cristiane Roget, Co-founder of Vector Int’l Pictures where they collaborated on bringing innovative products to market that included Daewoo, Hyundai, Bacchus Energy Drink and Korean Air.

PR-Cascon Modular Eco Homes, LLC (CMEHome.com) are manufactured in Vietnam from new, reinforced steel components that traditionally go into the manufacture of cargo shipping containers. The structures are portable and feature Leed ™ certifiable luxury appointments, eco-friendly fixtures and modern amenities.  Cascon manufacturers the customized, multi-purpose dwellings to suit the budget, needs and requirements of the perspective owner.  With over 700 full-time professional employees, that include a team of architects and engineers, Cascon Industries is the 2nd largest modular home manufacturer in the world! The current capacity is to output 1000 dwellings a month!

Confirms Cathy Houng,  “PR- Cascon exceeds  the ISO 9000 International Standard of Excellence while utilizing peerless construction protocols”.

Cascon Modular Eco Home Blue Print

Stoner describes the genesis of his appointment as the Worldwide Sales /Marketing Director of Cascon Eco Modular Homes as nothing short of serendipitous.  It was during a two year stint as Director of Vina Media Agency, a leading LED outdoor adverting company, that he met Nuguyen Van Haut, President of Cascon and Cathy Houng, Supervising Director of PR- Cascon Homes.  “Prior to my return home to Los Angeles late last year Cascon received a substantial Taiwanese investment to retrofit their plant in order to focus on the manufacture of live-in structures.

The need for an expanded sales and marketing force became a top-priority,” according to Holmes.

With 23 existing designs and blueprints that can be mixed and matched the possible configurations are almost endless.   The former Prime Minister of Fiji, Sitiventi (Steven) Rabuka in a recent meeting with Mr. Stoner called Cascon, “an affordable, turnkey housing solution for permanent, temporary, transient & emergency housing“. Gene Bambic of the Verdant Group of Green Energy, a facilitator of renewable, alternate green energy projects across Pacific agreed with JC Gomez, a international energy consultant for companies that include Siemens, calling them,

A sustainable, sensational solution for people who own or lease undeveloped land in either remote or urban locations”.

The PR-CME Home is pre-ordered  to serve multiple uses; from academic /dorm rooms, medical facilities, offices and commercial spaces, disaster relief, single & multiple family dwellings, second homes and vacation retreats.  “If you can imagine it, Cascon can build it,” states, author and film producer Michael Guinzburg.  “At the earliest I plan to build a retreat in Ojai, California “ says Christian Johnston of Complex Films (comlexfilms.com) “a multi-use office and storage and a place we can ‘power down’ and appreciate our pristine surroundings”.

Cathy Houng, who’s former job was supervising the maneuvering of freight containers in and out of the Port of Danang,  confirms, “The Cascon Home departs Haiphong Harbor enroute around the world and now the United States of America, Mexico, Central and/or South America.  They arrive at their final destination by way of rail or flat bed truck.  “The whole cycle from the completed order, a deposit that is held in escrow to the customization of each home to setting out the ‘welcome mat’ normally takes 75 days.“ according to Houng.

Philanthropist Monte Cook III of Marina del Rey, CA calls representing Cascon, “a great source of supplemental income while improving the living conditions of anyone irrespective of their socio-economic situation”.  Monte Cook calls his Division , Afforadable Homes 4 U, ” Economical, Indestructible, Ecological, Adaptable, Scalable and Politically Correct.”  His organization ww.affordablehomes4u.us  and the 501c3 www.supportingourservicemen.org is currently mounting a campaign to raise funds  to provide housing for America’s homeless, military veterans residing in Los Angeles, calling this situation “nothing short of a travesity“.

“Cascon provides sales representatives with robust employment while solving many of the challenges associated with the high cost of residential living and commercial space.” states Peter Moriates, Cascon Representative. We, at PR-CME Home are ideally positioned to assist in leveraging a new, indestructible and affordable living and work structure while respecting the surrounding environs with low impact and sustainable construction protocols,” confirms Holmes.

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