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2019第三届千赢国际真人国际 防汛抗旱、城市排涝及救灾设备展

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时间:2019年11月28-30日   地点:中国▪千赢国际真人国际博览中心
Date: November 28th - 30th, 2019   
Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center, China
Hosted by
Hubei Society of Hydropower Engineering (HSHE)
Hubei Society For Environmental Sciences
Asian Water Conservancy Enterprise Federation
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
Supported by
China Chamber of International Commerce Wuhan Chamber of Commerce
Organized by
Wuhan Howee Co.,Ltd
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【FCD 2019打造防汛一站式采购平台】To Set up the One-stop Purchasing Platform for Flood Control
Flood is one of the most serious natural disasters in the world. It often occurs in densely populated areas with high agricultural reclamation, concentrated rivers and lakes, as well as abundant rainfalls. With a vast territory, China has complex terrain and typical monsoon climate. For this reason, China is one of the countries which has been affected widely by frequent floods. Among the natural disasters in the country, floods and droughts are the most frequent ones, bringing wide damage and large economic losses.

At the Third Meeting of the Central Committee of Finance and Economics in 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of the prevention and control of natural disasters in the national economy and the people's livelihood, establishing an efficient natural disaster prevention and control system, improving the related ability of the whole society. Only in this way can we protect the people and the country. 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, which is also the crucial year for building a moderately well-off society in an all-around way. Besides, it is the first year to apply hydrologic observation to the prevention of floods and droughts after the reform of the party and state institutions. It is of great importance to prevent the floods and droughts in 2019.

For adapting to the new situation of China, the government should improve the efficiency and reduce the material consumption of flood control and drought relief, minimizing the loss caused by disasters. China should also promote the development of new technologies and equipment for disaster prevention, and minimize the casualties and property damages in the geological disasters, strengthening the communication and cooperation between enterprises at home and abroad. In order to set up a communication platform and bring more opportunities for the industry, FCD 2019 will be hosted by Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group on November 28th-30th, 2019 at Wuhan International Expo Center. The exhibition is expected to cover an area of 20,000 square meters, with excellent flood control and drought relief products all around the world, displaying advanced technologies, urban drainage and related solutions, and helping domestic and foreign enterprises to explore emerging markets.
【展会回顾】Review of FCD 
FCD has been successfully held for 2 sessions since 2017, attracting over 300 enterprises such as Nantonglinuo, Denilco, Ruiying, Huashidun, Gold Picture King, Tuchuang, Yiyu, TONGRUI, Dingfeng, FLIT BOATING, Huayu, JCS, NB Technologies, Gaojv, Hexing, Haishen, Ruijie, Rongsheng, Suke, Qi An, Dazhou, Hewanshun, HCBETOP, Fangzhou, Kexiang, Haizhi, Guangxinyuan, Haiyun, Xinsichuang, Giagon Trading and so on, and professional visitors including government officials, experts, members of the related associations, dealers, agents, buyers and retailers. The concurrent event China Wuhan Water Conservancy & Hydropower Technology Innovation Forum also yielded good results. As a big event in Mid China region, the expo is recognized by exhibitors and professional buyers, and covered by media at home and abroad, including Hubei Satellite TV and other mass media. The success of the event showed the great potential and huge investment demand for water conservancy and hydropower industry, and expanded wider markets for companies through information platform for the industrial development.
【FCD 2019为何选择参加】
1、赢取面对面的商业机遇                                                       6、精准定位您的公司和品牌
 2、寻找最合适您的特邀买家                                                   7、确立企业在市场中的地位
 3、深度对话行业决策者                                                           8、掌握最新行业动态和脉动
 4、巩固老客户关系及结识新客户                                           9、全面有力地扩展产品和服务
 5、有效提升公司品牌及知名度                                              10、建立广泛的代理和招商网络
The Advantages to Attend FCD2019

1. To win the business opportunities face-to-face;
2. To find your most suitable buyers; 
3. To communicate with the industry bigwigs;
4. To consolidate the relationships with regular clients and meet new ones;
5. To enhance the company's brand and popularity;
6. To position accurately on the company brand;
7. To expand your market share;
8. To catch the latest industry info; 
9. To showcase your products and services;
10. To find new agents and investors.
【FCD 2019宣传推广】
1、专业 Call Center 团队,全年呼叫宣传,手机短信 SMS 推送,微信推送。
4、展会电子快讯(EDM):主办方有十多年的办展经验,拥有庞大的目标买家数据库,定期发送 EDM,让展会动态精准直达100万余名目标客户。
5、利用社交媒体扩大宣传:用互联网思维从移动渠道提升展会曝光度,利用微博、微信、QQ 群等共推展会信息,全面推广合作企业的新产品新技术。
7、推介会:展会前 1-3 个月将在湖北 8+1 城市圈用户组织用户推介会,为展会组织有真正购买需求的买家。
8、 组织专业买家团:与行业权威协会、商会等机构精密合作,在华中地区全面宣传及推广展会,携手合作、共同组织地区专业参观团体。
9、 大众媒体宣传:湖北省电视台、人民日报、湖北日报、楚天都市报、楚天金报、千赢国际真人晨报、千赢国际真人晚报、长江日报、中国经济报、南方网、大洋网、大楚网、荆楚网、新华社、腾讯、网易、新浪、搜狐、得意生活等。
Promotion & Marketing of FCD2019

1. A professional publicity team in Call Center to publicize in various ways, such as SMS, WeChat, etc;
2. To cooperate with more than 100 professional media and over 20 integrated media to ensure an overall report for the exhibition;
3. To email invitations to over 100,000 visitors;
4. To send EDM on a regular basis to more than 1 million target clients in the database;
5. To expand publicity by social media and platforms, such as micro blog, WeChat, QQ, Twitter, Facebook, etc;
6. To attend other industry exhibitions to meet worldwide insiders;
7. To hold the news conference three months prior to the event; 
8. To organize professional buyer groups by cooperating with industry associations, chambers of commerce and other organizations;
9. To expand publicity in cooperation with mass media such as Hubei Television Station, People’s Daily, Hubei Daily, Chutian Metropolis Daily, Chutian Golden Newspaper, Wuhan Morning Post, WuHan Evening News, Yangzi River Daily, China Economic News, Sina, Sohu, etc.

Concurrent Events (Pending)

1. 2019 China (Wuhan) Water Conservancy & Hydropower Technology Innovation Forum
2. 2019 China (Wuhan) International Flood Control and Drought Relief Equipment & Technology Summit
3. 2019 China (Wuhan) Irrigation Technology Development Forum
4. 2019 China (Wuhan) Rural Drinking Water Security Summit
5. 2019 China (Wuhan) Sponge City Summit
6. 2019 China (Wuhan) International Water Conservancy & Hydropower Expo
7. 2019 China (Wuhan) Int’ l Hydraulic Machinery & Hydropower Station Expo
8. 2019 China (Wuhan) Int’ l Irrigation & Drainage Technology and Equipment Expo








【FCD 2019展品范围】Exhibition Scope

Flood Control and Drought Resistance Material: Geotextiles, woven materials (weaved geotextiles, woven bags, flood control and emergency evacuation, etc.), flood control metal nets, seepage control materials, floating tank water platforms, slope protection bricks, etc.;
2、防汛救生器材:救生衣、救生圈、抢险舟(冲锋舟)、橡皮船、救生绳、水上安全带、潜水服(衣) 、水下呼吸器 、氧气瓶、潜水镜、呼吸器、手套、防护服、指挥服、战斗服、反光马甲、雨衣、安全帽;救灾帐篷等;
Flood Prevention and Rescue Equipment: Life jackets, life ring, rescue boat, rubber boat, lifeline, drowning saving device, diving suit, scuba, oxygen bomb, diving goggles, scuba gloves, diving suit, reflector vest, raincoat, safety helmet, relief tent, etc.;
Flood Control and Drought Resistance Machines & Tools: Flood control lighting tools, generators, retaining walls, flood control and rescue machinery, block production equipment, geotechnical materials, muddy water purifiers, emergency pump generator sets, and water well drilling rigs, etc.;
Urban Waterlogging: Mobile flood control diesel water pump unit, drainage emergency pump, flood control pump, drainage equipment, etc.;
Flood Control and Drought Resistance Equipment: Flowmeters, water level (rainfall) and flow monitoring systems, gate monitoring and control terminals, levee hidden safety monitoring and monitoring systems, flood prevention material testing instruments, soil testing instruments, etc.;
Flood Control and Drought Resistance Information System: Water conservancy and hydrology automatic forecasting system, gate automatic control system, water environment monitoring automation system, digital hydrological station, construction and application of flood public information platform, flood control and drought relief material management system, rural water conservancy intelligent system, hydraulic structure and material, water conservancy digital wireless mobile Information collection solution, water conservancy administration, flood control and drought relief command system, flood control and drought relief decision support system, water conservancy information construction, water resources management application, 3S technology, etc.;
Flood Emergency Equipment: Emergency pontoon bridge, emergency command system, emergency communication system, emergency vehicle, emergency lighting equipment, emergency rescue equipment, etc.;
8、防汛指挥调度系统:可视化指挥调度系统、通信技术及设备、呼叫中心系统、全彩LED 显示屏、户外显示屏、DLP大屏幕、3D 显示屏、视音频通讯设备、多媒体会议室等。
Flood Control and Command System: Visual command and dispatch system, communication technology and equipment, call center system, full color LED display, outdoor display, DLP large screen, 3D display, visual communication equipment, multimedia conference room, etc.;
Hydraulic Equipment and Automation: Hydraulic machinery, water conservancy dredging equipment, irrigation equipment, water conservancy information, water conservancy automation and advanced technology of water conservancy, etc.;
Post-disaster Protection Equipment: Drone flood protection, water treatment systems, generators, mobile pump stations, storage vehicles, command vehicles, eco-friendly toilets, etc.;
Post-disaster Rescue Equipment: Medical emergency equipment, ambulances, post-disaster epidemic prevention sterilization equipment, etc.;
Meteorology and Lightning Protection Technology Equipment: Lightning monitoring and early warning, lightning protection/anti-surge technology and products, lightning positioning, electromagnetic compatibility technology, lightning protection products and devices, and lightning protection detection, etc.;
Related Organizations and Products: Flood prevention and rescue, drough-resistant product R&D companies and manufacturers, national flood control and rescue products, water conservancy project (water quality) inspection departments, relevant institutions, water conservancy construction companies, civil disaster relief department, and flood prevention and drought relief supplies, etc.
【FCD 2019联系方式】

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